Blob and Harry the Hedgehog

Designer, artist, and illustrator

This project was made in blender and put together in premiere. The idea for the project was to create abstract objects and make them move organically. The blob was created to look kinda like snot. And in a way it does look like snot. The key to this one was to make it have a glass like texture this wasn’t very hard in the first place and it was interesting to see how the reflections would bounce off of it.

Harry the hedgehog was the one that was harder … Harry was made to have a flesh like color to it so it is disturbing to look at. Then it was time to add the hair to the body of harry. This was the hardest part for the hair had to be placed correctly to be able to move with the animation of harry. This was going to be a difficult task to do. I first had to make sure that the hair wouldn’t be in the face. Then I had to make the hair shorter to make the animation easier.