Designer, artist, and illustrator

This project was made in blender, Photoshop, and illustrator. This project was made for my 3-d class in the fall of 2019. The project description was to make a box with packaging information on it. When we got this assignment i thought it would be cool to recreate the build-a-bear box. I just need a product to go with the box. This is where the build-a-cat idea came in, for this would be an interesting spin off for build-a-bear. All the photos were taken by myself. No cats were actually harmed in the making or the idea of this project. 

base box for Build-A-Cat

This is the base box for Build-A-Cat

The idea behind build-a-cat is to build a cat what can be your companion forever. Originally I thought of this as a toy that looked very realistic but it turned into building a live cat from the pieces that could be found in the box. There would be no way to know if all the pieces would be there but there would be a mystery toy in each box, to play with your newly made cat. 

the first label idea

The first rendition of the box was not the best. The text was very standard and the images were very gruesome. Since this was a product that would be directed to children the gruesome aspect, though cool as it was, needed to change to a more child friendly version. 


In the end I had to do some research on how children’s products were looking when they are in their packaging. This is what lead to what the build-a-cat box is now. I started with the bottom colorization to make it look less like a cat actually died in the box. It still has that feeling to it but that is intentional. Then I worked on what the font would be for the headers and the rest of the box. I went threw many different type sets to find the one that was used. I then matched colors so it would seem cohesive. When all the finer details were found out it was time to bring the label back into blender.