Project runway

Designer, artist, and illustrator

Project Runway is hosted by the fashion department at Buffalo State. This is a fashion show for the seniors in the department. It was my job as part of a motion design class to create a video for one of the designers. The designer I chose created a brand of her own called Roots. Mu Klo is the name of the designer. The fashion show was not able to happen because of the pandemic. The designs will be seen on the department’s facebook. I loved creating this video for the designer. I was inspired by Korea, where she is from originally. 


For this animation I used the programs Krita and Olive. These are both free programs that are easy to use and easy to get. I drew the animation frame by frame in Krita utilizing the animation feature that they have. With my drawing tablet it took a month to draw and animate. I brought it into Olive to bring the image sequence together with the music.